Why now is the time to improve the effectiveness of your team’s communication and engagement skills

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Calm communication™, Workshops

The last two years have forced us all to adapt and learn new ways of communicating and engaging with each other. From visiting your doctor over zoom to attending an international conference via livestream, to spending each day interacting with our work mates through a screen, it’s a very different world of communication to the one we all used to know.

For me, it’s highlighted an even greater need to reacquaint ourselves with the fundamentals of communication and engagement in our businesses, in our teams and with our stakeholders, and to better understand how we can improve our skills and understanding of how to communicate and engage with each other.

I believe now is the time to invest in building your communication skills and upskilling your teams, while our digital habits and feelings of disconnect are at their height, so no matter what the future brings, you have the tools you need for success.

Effective communication and engagement will always benefit you, the people you lead and work with, your business, your customers, and stakeholders.

Through my work with many individuals and teams over the last 25 years, I have identified the core communication areas that have the most impact on individuals, teams and business success when mastered:

  • Communication fundamentals including mastering effective verbal and nonverbal communication and active listening skills
  • Knowing how to find, create and use storytelling in strategic communication
  • Crafting the perfect messages to engage audiences and influence decisions – the methodology of message design
  • Developing core engagement skills – having difficult conversations, influence, and behaviour change
  • The skills to be able to present your ideas with clarity and certainty.

When individuals and teams master effective communication skills and how to bring them together with strategy and storytelling, you create a powerful combination that enables people to successfully communicate and engage calmly and with certainty under any circumstance.

Upskill, uplift, connect and ready yourself and your team now, for the future. To find out more here.


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