5 steps to mastering calm communication for leaders

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Calm communication™

To be an effective leader, and to master any ‘communication moment’ like a speech, a presentation or delivering difficult news, you need to understand how to tell your story and structure your message, so you are heard.

When you marry strategy with storytelling and effective communication skills, you create a powerful combination that enables you to access your ‘calm’, so even when you have a seemingly impossible task ahead, you can still communicate with clarity and certainty.

That’s why being a calm communicator is a core skill for leadership – it positions you to be heard, increases your profile, and helps you share your ideas in the most effective way.

Knowing that your strategy and your messages are aligned and feeling more certain in your skills to deliver them, will give you a sense of calm when you approach a communication moment. It is this calm and certainty that helps you connect with your audience, influence and lead at a truly impactful level.

So, how do you access your calm and become a master communicator?

Over twenty five years of working in the communication industry I have observed, analysed, measured, and put into practise the skills and techniques that turn teams, executives and leaders from average communicators into master communicators. My formula for success is pretty simple:

1. Understand how communication works – verbal and non-verbal
2. Focus in on the one skill that is a game changer in all communication – listening
3. Know where to find stories in your business, how to tell them and their role in strategy
4. Craft the messages that will engage audiences and influence decisions
5. Learn how to bring your skills, strategy and storytelling together to execute communication effectively.

Start your journey to becoming a master communicator today!

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