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by | Oct 14, 2021 | The LKB Agency


I’m a big fan of Brene Brown’s work and her approach to embedding values in your business. A value as a word on its own means little to anyone but the person who brings it to the table. However, when you attach behaviours to that value, it brings it to life and makes it clear to your team that these are the expectations you have for how we work as a team and how we do business.

I’m also a big believer in being able to bring your true self to work (another of Brene’s golden nuggets) and in line with that philosophy, our LKB values ring very true to my own personal values.

Take loyalty as an example. Personally, I am a fiercely loyal person to my friends and to my family. When I sat down to think about the values I wanted in my business and to weave into my team, loyalty was a key part of my vision.

This one simple value has seen us grow our business year on year, with more than 66% of our business coming from repeat clients, demonstrating their loyalty to us, the loyalty we have shown them and to the relationships we have nurtured.

Loyalty also plays a huge role in the day to day behaviour of our team. We are a close knit group and I know that no matter what’s happening, they have my back.

When we come to work each day and when clients trust us with their projects or their problems to solve, these are the values and behaviours they can expect from us:


We are loyal to ourselves, to each other and to our clients.


We come to work each day committed to providing our clients and each other with a high quality service.


We have an attitude of care in all that we do for our clients, ourselves and each other.


We are honest, transparent and ethical in our relationships with each other and with our clients.


We are creative people and we bring creativity to all that we do, always looking for new and different ways to solve a problem or bring an idea to life.

Having clarity on our values, talking about them regularly as a team and the associated behaviours, means we are quick to identify when something or someone is not aligned to our way of doing business or the way we work as a team.

As Brene would say, clear is kind. For us, being clear about who we are and what we stand for as a business and a team is critical to our success.

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