A spotlight on service

by | Oct 25, 2021 | The LKB Agency

We are in a service industry, selling our expertise in people and relationships, words, and storytelling, to help our clients communicate with their audience in the most effective way.

Although this is our daily transactional service, it’s not why I chose Service as one of our LKB values. I chose it because helping people, is at the heart of what we do.

I am at my most content when I know I’m providing value and helping someone by using my skills and knowledge to shine a light on their business, solve a problem or help them become a master communicator.

I have nurtured and grown my communication skills over my professional life so that I can help people tell their stories, craft language into meaningful words, show them how to connect and build relationships, influence people, and effectively share their ideas with the world.

The desire to help, to support and to guide runs deep in our business from our work with clients, to our team.

We often go above and beyond to make sure that our client’s shine in the best possible light or take the extra time to listen to a problem and offer a helping hand. This is where we are happiest, being of service.

It is a privilege to be in a position of trust and to keep a client’s confidences and our approach to our service – to always listen first and act second, to be a calm hand and voice and to plan and to deliver no matter the situation – is our way of delivering a service beyond the transactional.

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