The 5 things 2021 taught me

by | Dec 13, 2021 | The LKB Agency


2021 – you were a surprise package!

It was not the year anyone expected. It challenged us all. But I also learnt a lot about myself, about my business, my team and about family life.

1. I have some very deep resilience reserves. I don’t know how they got there or where they came from, but when times were bleak this year, I was some how able to dig deep and keep going. Even when I thought I couldn’t. I’m proud of that.

2. I know our team is close and I know we really care for each other, but in 2021 I saw a depth of care for each other, across the whole team, that really moved me. It reminded me that the work we do will come and go, the good and the bad times will come and go, but the people we show up for each day are the reason for everything. 

3. As a mum of teenagers, I spend much of my time wondering where they are and if they’re safe (Ok maybe I track them just a little bit – thank you Life360 app!) but lockdown meant I knew where they were 24/7 and that was a gift. We made some special memories from long walks and talks, Netflix sessions and a lot of baking, cooking, and eating together. Lockdown was a challenge, but it was also a gift to me of some extra time with my children who are growing up way too fast!

4. Good support around your business is essential. The amazing financial team we work with at Accru Accounting were on the front foot from Day 1 of lockdown. Clarifying the complexities of government support through to holding our hands as we did some fast financial shuffling, they were there to help whenever we needed. I personally leant hard on my mentor this year, Lorraine Murphy. Her strength (also while giving birth to her son and finishing her 4th book – seriously, superwoman!) and SOS support to me kept me motivated and sane. Michelle Broadbent was also an amazing source of practical business wisdom.

5. Lastly, I learnt we can, and we will succeed if we commit and put in the work. From about September, business began to flow, giving us a very busy end to 2021 and an exciting outlook for 2022.

We are ending 2021 on a high. Business is rolling again, we are back together in the office again and looking to grow the team once more, and as the icing on the cake – we won Bronze National Agency of the Year at the recent Public Relations Institute of Australia Golden Target Awards.

Bring on 2022. We are ready.

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