7 ways storytelling can supercharge your business communication

by | Aug 24, 2022 | Storytelling

7 ways storytelling can supercharge your business communication

1. Stories grab our attention, hold our attention, and stay with us long after they have been told. Our understanding of a concept or idea, interpretation of data or complex information is greatly increased through relatable storytelling. Think about how you can use story to really help your customer understand your product or service.

2. Stories are highly structured forms of communication the mechanics and patterns of a story are familiar to us, they are part of our innate way of understanding information, and how we communicate with one another. Our natural attraction to story means what we hear, sticks.

3. A well-crafted business story can wrap around your idea, product or service and communicate its purpose better than any other method of communication.

4. We share stories all day without even thinking about it with our colleagues, friends, family – and when we share a good story, we are often sharing an idea, concept, product, or service.

5. Storytelling prompts decision making by answering the why should I care? question. A well-crafted story addresses the needs of your audience and gives them reason to care about your product, service, or brand.

6. Storytelling humanises a brand. When you hear a story about how a product or service benefits a real person or solves a real and relatable problem, you connect with a brand on a much deeper level.

7. Storytelling can improve and build employee engagement. When we share stories about the company history, its journey including the struggles, its goal, and its values, it helps employees connect and builds trust and loyalty.

If you want to know more about how storytelling can help you reach your customers or clients more effectively, then open a conversation with us today!

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