Six ways to access the power of Calm communication

by | Jul 13, 2022 | Calm communication™, The LKB Agency

Earlier this month we celebrated six years since we opened The LKB Agency doors.

To celebrate our six years in business, I’m sharing six ways you can access the power of Calm communication™ and be a more effective communicator in your business.

1. Be considered and strategic – plan your communication moments. Don’t leave the message you want to share or the story you want to tell to chance.

2. Learn the basic communication skills to support you when you show up – presenting and verbal and non-verbal communication skills are essential for all business leaders.

3. Listen – the simplest and easiest way to understand and best serve your team, customers, clients and stakeholders is to listen to them!

4. Know your story and develop your key messages. Having a well-crafted narrative that explains who you are, what you do and why your audience should care, makes all your communication – verbal and written – simple, clear and effective.

5. Use storytelling to help explain complex issues and data heavy concepts, to humanise you as a leader and to bring your business to life.

6. Remember communication is not just another function in your business – it’s part of you and your skillset as a business leader – and the good news is, it’s a skill you can learn!

Our philosophy at The LKB Agency is all about taking a calm and considered approach to communication, and last year I took this a step further by introducing my Calm communication™ program. Designed for executives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders, the coaching program helps individuals and teams master the essential communication skills to build their profiles and strategise and storytell in a way that connects with their audience.

If you would like to know more about mastering calm communication and my coaching programs, please get in touch

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