Successful events are driven by strategy, not logistics.

by | Feb 15, 2022 | Events, Strategy

As a strategic communication agency, strategy always comes first and when we design and deliver events, it’s no different.

Events are one of the most effective ways of engaging with your stakeholders on any scale, but without careful strategic planning and objectives up front, they can be an expensive and time consuming exercise.

The LKB event management formula is designed to map directly into your broader business strategy by:

1. Defining the big picture – where does this event fit in the broader business strategy? How will it get you closer to your ultimate goal?
2. Reviewing the stakeholders – who is the audience and why? Is an event the best way to engage and connect? Why?
3. Crafting the message – what do you want to share with stakeholders at the event? Is it to inform, influence, inspire, reward or entertain?
4. Creating the content – who will speak? Why? What’s their message?
5. Looking to the future – what’s the post event strategy? If you’re going to ask stakeholders to an event, you need to have a strategy for continuing to build on that engagement.

Once we have a clear event strategy and objectives, we use it to frame all our logistical decisions from timing to venue selection, to guest numbers to creative content and event design.

At LKB we offer full event management services including fundraising, sponsorship, content development, speech writing, speaker training and emcee and facilitation services.

Find out more about our strategic event service and some of the events we have recently delivered or open a conversation with us today.

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