The LKB way of working

by | Feb 21, 2024 | Team, The LKB Agency

The LKB way of working

We’re off and running into 2024 and the summer holidays are becoming a distant memory…

My middle child started school this year and I have been reflecting on life as a working parent and how the way we work continues to evolve. Over the past few weeks, I have really cherished my work from home days and being at the school gate to help my daughter settle into her new routine and hear all about her day.

Here at The LKB Agency, we have embraced hybrid working with a blend of set team days in the office and two days working from home. There is always the flexibility to move things around according to our client and team needs, as well as personal commitments.

I love being regularly present at school and daycare pick up and drop off without rushing, and able to chat to educators and other parents without impacting on my work hours. I also find that I can work longer and harder at home without distractions and commuting.

I am also loving my days in the office – feeling connected with the team, brainstorming, having chats, coffee runs and the way that a 5-minute conversation can save you from a 30-minute meeting later on.

Through working in a hybrid way, our focus on protecting and promoting a good work-life balance for the team means our excellent client service is consistently maintained.

Not everyone has the luxury of hybrid work – many people must be in their workplace every day in hospitals, schools, on construction sites, in manufacturing, retail and operating our public transport network. For those of us who can, I feel very grateful for the flexibility of hybrid working and getting the best of both my home and office workplaces!

I asked the team to share their favourite things about working in both the office and at home!

For me it’s collaboration and connection. It’s amazing the ideas and energy that come from working together.

Nikki Edwards

I love having the extra time in the morning to smash out a run or training session and if I can squeeze it in – a sunrise swim!

Amelia Breen

I am very productive working from home – I can turn on a Taylor Swift record and get my work done with no interruptions!

Elizabeth Chilton

I love the social interaction – meetings over a coffee or grabbing lunch with anyone in the team boosts my mood!

Kyra Stanley

Good to check in with the team and see the energy that comes with people working alongside each other.

Aran Beytagh

I like to save my focus work for home days, where I can power through writing tasks, budgets or strategies.

Lucy Beytagh

If you’re interested in joining the LKB team, explore our current career opportunities here.

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