3 milestones I have achieved as part of the LKB graduate program

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3 milestones I have achieved as part of the LKB graduate program

I joined LKB in July 2022 as Executive Assistant to the Managing Director. My transition out of university into LKB’s graduate program was seamless and it certainly didn’t take long for me to feel like a valued member of the team. Lucy Beytagh, our Founder and Managing Director, guided me through the ins and outs of the communications industry inspiring me to tackle each day with enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn.

Thanks to the continuous learning and development opportunities at LKB I was lucky enough to move up to our Project Coordinator role within nine months. Lucy and the LKB team have supported my growth from a new graduate to Project Coordinator through mentoring sessions, external professional development and of course, our solid team culture. I am also fortunate to work with knowledgeable leaders who always have a new piece of advice to share.

The top three milestones LKB’s graduate program has allowed me to achieve:

1. Supporting the team to deliver more than 12 projects with competing deadlines in early 2023. Working across all projects, I have gained invaluable exposure to a range of industries and types of projects. Our work environment is very dynamic and it is exciting to know a new challenge is coming my way each day.

2. Commencing my IAP2 Certificate of Engagement in 2023. As an emerging engagement practitioner at LKB, achieving industry accreditation helps us deliver quality projects with confidence.

3. I have developed a strong passion for digital engagement and have picked up many new skills by supporting the LKB leadership team with regular business marketing activity and content creation.

I look forward to exploring new areas of the business and I encourage graduates to seize this opportunity and embrace the challenges of working in a fast-paced environment – every day is different!

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