Health and Safety Strategy release


An internal engagement strategy to seek feedback across five business units on a new Health & Safety strategy.


Transport for NSW


Following a Safety Of Work climate assessment, the data collected across the organisation informed the design of a new organisation wide health and safety strategy. The strategy prioritises and identifies programs to be delivered over a four year period and includes practical and actionable plans, tailored to each operational division.

LKB was engaged to develop an internal engagement strategy that would support health and safety leads in engaging with divisional areas of the organisation to generate awareness of the data generated by the Safety Of Work assessment and seek input to the final strategy before its release for the 2022/2023 financial year.


LKB developed a strategy that tailored engagement to each division and its unique operational space with health and safety subject matter experts leading workshop sessions to seek input into the strategy. The sessions focused on the positive data and provided support and solutions, via the proposed new programs, for any identified gaps. There were 5 unique sessions developed with tailored content, enabling leaders to engage at a detailed level with teams resulting in all 5 divisions providing detailed input to the strategy. The strategy was finalised and roll out and implementation commenced in July 2022.


5 unique workshop sessions with tailored content

5 divisions provided detailed input into the Strategy

Roll out of the Strategy in July 2022

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