Safer Together campaign


A whole of organisation internal campaign for Safe Work month.


Transport for NSW


The client, Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is made up of a large and diverse workforce with roles ranging from corporate to construction, where maintaining safety standards and safe work practices is critical to every worker going home safely each day.

The challenge was finding a way to engage a diverse workforce across metro and regional NSW with methods that challenged traditional safety messages and empowered people to get involved and support and promote Safe Work Month in their own personal way.


To help create an authentic and personal connection between the safety messages and the TfNSW workforce, The LKB Agency took the opportunity to understand what had not resonated with workers in the past, and used this information to create an internal campaign that focused on personal connections, and the real reason being safe at work matters.

Our strategy put the emphasis on each worker being a ‘safety champion’ no matter their role – their individual safety being key to their workmates being safe, and their families and loved ones seeing them come home safely each day. This shifted perspective and sparked our key message, ‘being a safety champion starts with me’.

This led to using a mix of different methods of communication to showcase stories and user generated content, including personal safety pledges from across the organisation to build awareness and give each person the opportunity to take part in the conversation about safety.


Safety Champions video attracted 5804 unique views by EOC

A collaboration video received 636 unique views

Multiple safety roadshow events held across the State

Toolbox talks and campaign packs distributed across 5 geographical regions of NSW (to also reach frontline workers without use of a digital platform)

More than 3000 pledge cards distributed

Inclusion of campaign via a safety booth at the Infrastructure Pipeline event in 2019

A personal message and safety pledge from the Secretary of TfNSW

Campaign viewed as a symbol of positive change and something consistent for people to connect with

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