Communication and engagement support for the Rail Industry Safety Standards Board


Strategic communications advice to guide meaningful and purposeful engagement with key stakeholders and members.


Rail Industry Safety Standards Board (RISSB)


In June 2023, LKB was engaged by the Rail Industry Safety Standards Board (RISSB) to provide a review of their current communication approach and develop a new communication and engagement strategy that aligned to their new 2024-2030 Strategic Business Plan. The scope of work also included providing day to day communications support, to implement the strategy.


Communication and Engagement Review

RISSB engaged LKB to carry out a strategic review of all their communication and engagement activities.

LKB produced a report with findings from a review and analysis of RISSB’s communication channels and materials and the RISSB membership research reports.

The Communication and Engagement Review report;

    • Identified the gaps and opportunities in RISSB’s communication and engagement with their stakeholders and members.
    • Made recommendations to achieve RISSB’s objectives going forward.

Communication and Engagement Strategy

Following the completion of the communication and engagement review, LKB developed a Communications and Engagement Strategy that aligned with RISSB’s new 2024-2030 Strategic Business Plan.

LKB produced a Communication and Engagement Strategy that guided when, how and why RISSB should be engaging with their audiences. It provided the messages and processes to ensure a consistent and effective approach to communicating and engaging with RISSB’s key stakeholders and members.

The findings and recommendations from the Communication and Engagement Review, informed the development of the new Strategy, and provided clear context of the communication and engagement activities RISSB needs to focus.

Day to day communication support

LKB’s Communication and Engagement Consultant, Elizabeth Chilton was embedded into the RISSB team to support their day to day communication activities.

Elizabeth provided RISSB with communication and engagement advice, set up their communication processes and developed internal materials that would ultimately improve RISSB’s overall communications both externally and internally. Elizabeth’s support also helped establish and set up the Communications Advisor role.

Additionally, Elizabeth supported RISSB on the following projects;

    • AusRAIL PLUS Conference 2023 stand set up and management, and all communication activities.
    • Delivery and communications support for the 2023 Rail Human Factors Forum.

Elizabeth also supported the development and delivery of regular internal communications including;

    • Fortnightly MasterClass Webinars.
    • RISSB Connect weekly newsletter.
    • Process for publishing Calls for Public Consultation and Development Groups.
    • Updating and managing the website.
    • Industry media updates and monitoring.


The Communication and Engagement Strategy was adopted and endorsed by the RISSB CEO and Board.
Ongoing support to the RISSB team and CEO to implement the new strategy.
The development and implementation of a suite of processes to guide RISSB’s internal and external communication, engagement and event activities.
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