Hunter New England and Central Coast Primary Health Network Primary Care Quality and Innovation Awards, 2021, 2022 and 2023


Delivering an Awards event to celebrate, recognise and acknowledge quality primary care and innovation.


Hunter New England and Central Coast Primary Health Network


On behalf of the Hunter New England and Central Coast Primary Health Network (The PHN), The LKB Agency (LKB) was asked to deliver an event to award, celebrate, and recognise the significant achievements and innovations from primary care providers, practices, and health centres across the region.

The inaugural event in 2021 was the first event of its kind for the PHN and was also significant in recognising the quality of care and innovations the sector had achieved through the challenges of the pandemic.

The brief included the need to have broad representation from all areas of the health sector within the award submissions and attendance at the event, including targeting remote communities and indigenous health care providers.

LKB was responsible for designing the event format, delivering all related event logistics and management on the night.

LKB has since been re-engaged in 2022 and 2023 with the challenge to turn the awards into the PHN’s flagship annual event and to build on the success of the event each year.


Held in 2021, to be successful the inaugural event had to navigate some key challenges including managing in person events and Covid-19, a large scale vaccination roll out and the increasing demands on the health sector’s time and resources.

LKB developed a strategy for the awards which encouraged and supported a time poor health sector to complete their award submissions. The strategy focused on engaging the health sector through utilising business to business relationships and leveraging the PHN owned assets including databases, networks and staff.

LKB delivered all logistic and planning activities for the event including order of event, supplier management, speaker briefings and full event delivery. LKB also developed event collateral including pre-event website, EDM and social media copy, the final program, seating plans, speaking notes and full event presentation.

In 2022 LKB built on the success of 2021 by again delivering all logistic and event planning activities with the addition of a sponsorship program to help elevate the profile and reach of the awards.

LKB developed a list of more than 100 potential local sponsors and a comprehensive sponsorship program which included different levels of support and opportunities for co-branding, marketing and media. LKB pitched directly to sponsors, sharing the program, discussing options and arranging meetings between potential sponsors and the PHN.

LKB’s strategy for the awards night included elevating the guest experience on the night with art displays, sponsor showcases and inspiring keynote speakers and entertainment.

In 2023, LKB was asked to continue improving and elevating the awards by building on and refining the successes of communication and logistics from previous years.

LKB collaborated with the PHN to deliver an entertaining night that was split across two event spaces at Newcastle City Hall. This included large scale coordination of pre-event and post-event guest networking in addition to formal award proceedings and management of finalists. LKB developed the event concept and layout based on the dual space requirement and managed all suppliers including audio visual, event styling and venue liaison.

LKB also secured inspiring keynote speaker, Daniel Flynn – Co-founder and Managing Director of Thankyou to address the audience on his determination to achieve innovation and significant impact on the community.


The Quality and Innovation Awards are now considered the PHN’s flagship event.

The event continues to grow, with more than 250 attendees each year.

Awards submissions are received from a broad spectrum of the sector and include individual GP’s, First Nation providers and community members, Aged Care providers and small family practices.

Introduction of a sponsorship program that attracted gold and silver sponsors in 2022 and went on to become a large scale sponsorship program for the PHN in 2023.

Design and blueprint of an awards event format that can be scaled and delivered for years to come.

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